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The Ecology of the world is in turmoil. The Human race has chosen to take the route of the All Mighty Dollar over common Sense and compassion. As such, California, along with it's neighboring States is experiencing the most devistating ecological disaster in the History of the United States of America.

I have created a video shown on YouTube that helps us understand A POSSIBLE (may or may not happen) Future California and it's neighbors may be looking forward to. Again, this is NOT FACT, but fiction. The scary part is, from the Scientific Data provided on verious government websites, and other scientific websites, from historical perspectives, and from the attitude of the people in our own Government, this is very possibly going to be Fact and not Fiction some day.

Just do a search in Youtube

"Victor Cardinale California Drought".
It is a little under 10 minutes but it is worth watching.

Please watch the entire video, because I do present a possible answer, AND a way to help make the United States of America more prosperous than it has every been in the past.

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