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Graphic Design is more than just conveying information. Graphic Design is about grabbing the viewer and pulling them in. Giving them something to remember. My goal is to create, or take what you already have, enhance it, change it, and make it POP. << WELCOME, Come on in and see more! >>

I find a lot of pleasure in designing something creative. Something that gives the viewer an experience they will remember. Second to designing products (Example, here is a link to products I created for Illuminations), my strength's are in the creation of various text documents such as RFP's, RFQ's, etc. where the reader is getting the information they require, but they remember the product. It's MORE than just information. Over the years I have become exceptionally proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point. I have found a nice union using the Adobe CS software to enhance nearly all products I create when working with the Microsoft Office software.

Software / Design Skills
Proficient with the Macintosh Power PC and IBM PC using various computer graphic, page layout, word processing programs, as well as Fine Art.

Software Expertise        Software Expertise
Macintosh & PC Expert   Microsoft Office 10
(Mac and PC)
Adobe Creative Suite 6          Microsoft Word Expert
     Photoshop Advanced        Microsoft Power Point Expert
     Illustrator Advanced        Microsoft Excel Intermediate
     InDesign Intermediate        Microsoft Outlook (PC) Advanced
Adobe LiveCycle Intermediate        Microsoft Linc (PC)
Apple Safari Advanced        Microsoft Internet Explorer Intermediate
Google Chrome Advanced      

In addition, I have experience with a variety of other software including 3D like Bryce and Google Sketchup.

Fine Art / Creative Skills
Drawing - Painting - Sculpture, Pencil & Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic Paints, Gouache, Pen & Ink, Charcoal, Crayola Crayons, Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass Blowing, Costuming, Airbrush, Photography, Dance, Drama.

Relevant Professional Experience

Graphic Designer
Independent Graphic Design Professional

Graphic Design / Table Top Game Design / Document Creation / Project Coordination
  • Customized Graphic Design for (
  • Customized Graphic Design for Etsy site (
  • Game Design for games to go on (In Development)
  • Graphic Design and Document Creation for Table Top Resource Collection Board Game (In Development)
  • Document creation for Core Rule Book for Fantasy Role Playing Game (In Development)
  • Customized Graphic Design for : Illuminations , CostPlus World Market, Natural Wonders, Alphabet Academy, Kids Konnection.
  • Visual Design for RFP's, RFQ's, Power Point Presentations to clients.
Aon (Aon Risk Insurance Services West, Inc.), San Francisco, Ca.
Graphic Designer/Lead Graphic Designer
Design visually enhanced, client centric graphics for Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, and 30+ person sales force. Products such as proposals (RFP's RFQ's), presentations, mailers, etc.

  • Restructure intricate PDF Forms which increased company profits and reduced loss due to user error
  • Enhanced sales strength through creative solutions of product with client focused customized design for presentations and proposals
  • Increased sales by researching client companies to produce an empowered client centric product
  • Filled in for Supervisor when supervisor was absent.
  • Contributed to Office of the year for 2013 through innovative design which contributed to increased sales growth.
  • Recognized for technical skills using Adobe LiveCycle by the creation of a specialized client form. Said project saved 10’s of $1,000 of dollars and 100’s of hours of work for both the client and our office.
  • Prioritized project load which consistently fulfilled exceptionally tight deadlines for RFP’s and RFQ’s thus contributing to sales growth.

Dean F. Unger, AIA, Inc., Martinez, Ca.
Graphic Design Tutor/Proposal Designer/System Administration

Design of creative client facing Proposals using Adobe Design and Microsoft Office software. Tutored office Director of Dean F. Unger, AIA, Inc. in Graphic Design as well as Information Technology and System Administration.

  • Every Proposal I participated with the design of made the short list
  • 90% of the clients became repeat clients
  • Reshaped tracking process for Proposals (RFP's & RFQ's), increasing efficiency by 300%
  • Increased efficiency of the physical process of assembly of RFP's by 50%
  • Increased over all office efficiency more than 400% through training and tutoring (by the time I left, I had helped the office to produce 4 times the amount of RFP's that they were producing before I started)

Other Past Job Experience

Kinkoʼs Copies (FedEx-Kinkoʼs)
Production Manager/Assistant Manager, Senior Technology Specialist/Document Creation Specialist.

Worked for Kinko's stores (before and after it became FedEx) off and on over a 10 year period. I worked in various roles ranging from an Assistant Manager over a team of 5 in a High Volume copy/print production environment with Project management and Scheduling to Supervising the Computer Services department. In the various roles I did the following: Network System Administration and troubleshooting, Desk Top Publishing, Computer Services, Graphic design, Proposals, Presentations, Document Layout, and Desk Top Publishing.

Nextron Inc.
Assistant Manager of Graphics Department

Supervised Graphic Design team (10 Designers), Project Management of website design and Graphic Design which integrated Cost Estimation for projects. Designed web sites for Partner corporations for the small business environment using HTML and WYSIWYG Software, and trained new employees. I also worked in Quality Assurance, and Software Testing (bug hunter).

KPMG Peat Marwick LLP
Graphic Design Assistant/Word Processor

Word Processing Technical Assistant, Trained new department employees, Created and Developed Proposals and presentations using Microsoft Office. Rebuilt Proposals done in PageMaker to be in Microsoft Word for Partners to input new content and/or update old information.

Public School Teacher
Fontana Unified School District (Art Teacher) and a Substitute teacher for the Palm Springs Unified School District (Multiple Subjects).
     Single Subject Credential - Art. California State University, Chico. (Inactive)
     Multiple Subjects Credential - National Teachers Examination.(Inactive)

Education & Professional Development
Bachelor of Arts, Art - California State University, Chico.
Associated Arts & Science, Computer Network Engineering - Masters Institute, San Jose.
Course work in - Computer and Video Imaging - Cogswell Polytechnical College

Achievements / Memberships / Awards
Cogswell Polytechnical College – President’s List for High GPA (3.8)
Masters Institute – Deans List
Second Place Art Award Winner – Danville, Village Sopping center art competition, 1979
Second Place Art Award Winner – DundraCon Fantasy Convention Miniature Art competition.

Past Member of:
California Arts Education Association (CAEA)
Campus Crusade for Christ, Supervisor of Books and Materials check out
International Institute for Education Through the Arts (IIETA) – Chico State, Treasurer
Music Through the Arts – Chico State, Treasurer
California State University Chico Art Club
Diablo Valley College War Games Club
San Ramon Valley High School Art Club
San Ramon Valley High School War Games Club – Founding Member
National Geographic Society – 1990

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